Body Songs: "Food Into Energy," The Tummy Song by StoryBots

Whether you call it your stomach or your tummy, it's what takes the food you eat and turns it into energy.


Good fresh food is what you need
To be strong and healthy as you're growing
And your tummy is like a gas tank that you fill up when you want to get going

Then you can play, you can run, you can have lots of fun
Dance all around 'til the day is done
Your stomach is like a factory turning food into energy

What you eat is yummy from your mouth to your tummy
As it travels down your esophagus
Where it hangs out in your stomach, mixing up, so it can digest

Then your food passes through your small intestine
Where your body gets everything it needs
To build your muscles, make you grow, give you lots of energy

Then what's not used just passes through
Some people call it #2
Your digestive system is the factory
Turning food into energy