The game for stop | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables |


The Old Woman who lived in a house had so many children she didn't know what to do. kind Blondigoody said she'd mind the children while the Old Woman went shopping.
What imps those children were! They slid down the stairs on tin trays; they swung on the curtains and pulled them down; and they were SO noisy!
Then, Blondigoody had an idea.
'Let's play a game,' she cried.
The children loved games, so they listened to Blondigoody.
'Hop, skip and jump about,' she said.
'And when I shout "Stop!" you must stand quite still for the longest time shall have a love iced cake.'
The children were excited.
Each wanted to win the cake.
So, when Blondigggdy cried, 'STOP!' they stood absolutely still-some on tiptoe, some on one foot. And it was so quiet you could hear a mouse sneeze.
When the Old Woman came home, she was astonished.
'It's a game,' whispered Blondigoody. 'The child who moves last wins an iced cake.'
She handed the Old Woman the iced cake and slipped away.
She'll certainly never look after those naughty children again!