The Donkey and Salt | Children's Tales, Stories and Tales


A donkey was carrying a heavy load of salt and crossing a bridge.
"Gee, this is so heavy. Why is it so heavy?"
The donkey complained and slipped and fell in the water.
"Oh, somebody help."
The donkey thought he was going to drown and squirmed about,
but the water only reached up to his kness."
"Whew, that was close. I almost drowned."
The donkey was relieved and continued to walk on.
But what happened?
The salt all melted and the donkey's load was very light.
"Oh, what happened? My load is so light. It must be because I fell in the water."
The donkey danced with joy because his load was light."
A few days later, the donkey was crossing the bridge again with another load.
This time, he was carrying cotton.
It was much lighter than salt, but the donkey decided to be sly.
"Last time, my load got lighter when I fell in the water."
"This load will probably get lighter, too."
The donkey fell in the water on purpose to make it lighter.
He smiled and squirmed about.
What do you think happened?
The donkey thought the load would be lighter, but his legs were shaking.
"Oh, what is so heavy. I fell in the water, but it's heavier. I can't even stand."
The donkey collapsed because of the heavy load.
Salt melts in water, but cotton absorbs water.
That is why the load became heavier.
The donkey tried to be sly, but he had to pay for trying to be sly and ended up carrying a heavier load.