"ABC Jamboree" by StoryBots | New Book Available from Random House!

LYRICS: Now it’s time for fun with letters, You can sing and so will we, Everybody come and join our ABC Jamboree! A, an Attic full of Apes B, a Bouncing Baby Boar C, a Cat who plays the Cymbals D, a Dancing Dinosaur! E, Eagles Exercising F, a Funny Fiddling Frog G, a Grumpy kind of Giant H, a Hiccup from a Hog! I, an Igloo made of Ice J, a Jaguar drinking Juice K, Koalas flying Kites L, a Lobster on the Loose! M, a Mouse who Makes a Mess N, a Newt who needs a Nail O, an Ogre in the Opera P, a Panda with a Pail Q, a Quacking Quarterback R, a Rabbit in the Rain S, Seagulls on a Seesaw T, a Turtle on a Train U, an Uncle’s Ukulele V, a Vendor’s Veggie snacks W, a Wobbly Witch X, a foX who swings an aXe! Y, a Yeti with a Yo-Yo Z, a Zebra Zipping ‘round When we sing our ABCs We learn the letters and their sounds! All the letters and their sounds!