Time To Go, Songs About Behaviors by StoryBots


I've got three words for you,
And I'll give you a clue,
They're "Time to go"

It may sound like a bummer
But there's more to discover,
So say "yes" and don't say "no"!
And don't dilly-dally doin' diddly-squat,

'Cause I checked the time and it's leave-o-clock
No if's, and's, or but's, no "ten-more-minutes,"
It's non-negotiable, we're finished here

Time To Go
It's time to go
Time To Go

I know you wish that you could stay
But it's not your birthday
So this one won't come true
But don't be mad, be glad for the fun that ya' had
And you had a lot, now it's

Time To Go
It's time to go
Time To Go

I wouldn't say it if it weren't so
But it's time to go,

Time To Go
Now grab your things, it's time to go!