Police Officer, Songs about Professions by StoryBots


A friendly officer's on the beat
Keepin' watch of the busy city street
And the people are safe 'cause the officer is there

A car breaks down in the middle of town
And the traffic is zipping all around
But the driver's okay 'cause the officer is there.

The officer out patrolling
Is the pride of the force,
In a cruiser that goes rolling
Or on a bike, or else a horse!

A child gets lost and starts to cry,
But her smile will soon return. Here's why--
The cheerful and helpful officer is there.

Some bad guys try to break the laws,
But they don't get very far because
The brave and dutiful officer is there.

On the streets or at the station,
In sunshine or storm,
It's a fine and proud vocation
To wear the badge and uniform!

The officer has so much to do.
Some day that officer could be you!
The good, dependable officer's always there!
The good, dependable officer's always there!