Pattern Practice - Hobbies - I like ~ / I love ~ by ELF Learning

Practice saying what you like or love to do with this slow and gentle video from ELF Learning. Also practice frequency phrases (once a week / 4 times a week) and more!


I love baking. I bake with my mom.
I like ballet. I go twice a week.
I like baseball. I play twice a week.
I like cooking. I cook with my dad.
I love dancing. I dance by myself.
I love drawing. I draw in my room.
I love gymnastics. I go 5 times a week.
I love karate. I go every day.
I love music. I listen to music in my room.
I like piano. I go once a week.
I like playing. I play with my friends.
I love reading. I read every day.
I like soccer. I play once a week.
I love swimming. I swim 5 times a week.
I like TV. I watch TV in the living room.
I like video games. I play in the living room.