Outer Space: "I'm A Star," The Stars Song by StoryBots


(StoryBots stand by a telescope on a hill...)

Do you see anything?

(Peering in)
The stars are out tonight...

STAR 1: I'm a star
STAR 2: I'm a star
STAR 3: I'm a star
STAR 4: I'm a star
STAR 5: I'm a star
STAR 1: I'm a star
ALL STARS: I'm a big, big star!

STAR 1: I'm a star from afar
STAR 2: Yes you are
STAR 3: So am I
STAR 1: We are balls of hot gas that shine in the sky
STAR 2: There are trillions
ALL STARS: And trillions! of us
STAR 4: That's a lot
STAR 1 Even the sun is a star (CHORUS: "I'm so hot")
STAR 4: There are lots of other stars
STAR 3: Like him
STAR 1: And me
STAR 2: And me!
STAR 1: And a bunch of us together form a galaxy
STAR 2: There's billions of galaxies
STAR 4: Lots of stars!
STAR 3: Understand?
STAR 1: There's more stars in space than all of Earth's grains of sand
STAR 2: And from land, with your eye to the night sky display
STAR 3: You can see the Earth's galaxy
ALL STARS: The Milky Way
STAR 1: Stars are different sizes
STAR 3: And we can morph
STAR 1: There are super giants
STAR 2: Giants
STAR 3: Main sequence
DRAWF STAR: And dwarfs
GROUP OF STARS: And we form constellations
STAR 1: Which are patterns of stars
STAR 2: Before GPS, that's how you'd know where you are
STARS A: We're the Big Dipper
STARS B: We're the Belt of Orion
STARS C: We're the Gemini Twins
STARS D: We're Leo the Lion (Rawwrr)
STAR 3: People think we twinkle
STAR 1: But that's not true
STAR 2: The light's just playing tricks when it shines on you
STAR 3: And shooting stars aren't stars
STAR 1: No they're not
STAR 1: They're meteors burning up when they get too hot
STAR 2: Wish upon a star
STAR 3: It might come true
STAR 4: Well, I hope
STAR 1: Look up tonight in the sky or look through a telescope

STAR: I'm a star
STAR: I'm a star
STAR: I'm a star
STAR: I'm a star
STAR: I'm a star
STAR: I'm a star
GROUP OF STARS: I'm a big, big star!

There are lots and lots of stars.

That's true, there really are.

I made a wish.

What was it?

I'm not telling