The Talkative Bunting | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables |


[Bunting] : Ha ha ha. I'm the best talking bunting in the world. I get thorns in my mouth if I don't talk for just a day.
[Bunting] : Nobody can win an argument with me. La la la.
[Bunting] : La la la.
[All] : Ugh...
[Squirrel] : Oh! I can't stand it.
[Bunting] : La la la la.
[Hochi] : Ugh... Hey, Bunting! You talkative Bunting!
[Bunting] : Oh! Hi, Hochi! Ha ha ha. What brings you here? Did you come to hear me talk? I believed that my friends would come to hear me talk some day.
[Hochi] : Stop!
[Hochi] : You might talk because you like to, but we can't stand it. You're so loud. So please keep your mouth shut.
[Bunting] : Ugh... Mm...
[Hochi] : Are you going to continue babbling?
[Bunting] : Oh, no...
[Bunting] : Are you sore? La la la la.
[Raccoon] : Ugh...
[Tiger] : Hm... There's a fellow that is really conceited in these woods that I rule?
[Raccoon] : Yes, Hochi fainted.
[Hochi] : Stop~ Stop~ (Screaming)
[Tiger] : This is serious. Hm...
[Tiger] : Right! That's what we should do. Go to Bunting...
[Tiger] : Listen to me. So... Here! (Quietly)
[All] : (Whispering)
[Bunting] : La la la la. Huh? What should I do today? How about talking about the cartoon I saw yesterday. Ha ha ha ha. Just the thought of it is funny.
[Bunting] : Well... How...
[Raccoon] : Hee hee hee. (Laughter) It was great.
[Rabbit] : Yeah, Bunting couldn't even compare.
[Raccoon] : Yeah, if Bunting saw it, he would have been so embarrassed.
[Rabbit] : Ha ha ha. Yeah, right.
[Rabbit] : Huh? It's Bunting.
[Raccoon] : What? Where?
[Raccoon] : Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?
[Bunting] : Huh? What do you mean? I was here all along. Didn't you hear me talk?
[Rabbit] : Oh, well, I didn't hear you.
[Raccoon] : Me neither. I didn't hear Bunting very well. Compared to the prattler in the cave, Bunting has a voice like an ant.
[Bunting] : What? An ant's voice?
[Raccoon] : Yeah, an ant's voice. You would be surprised.
[Bunting] : What? Where is it? Tell me where it is. Where is it?
[Rabbit, Raccoon] : (Winking at each other)
[Raccoon] : You know that cave near the waterfall, there is a great prattler living in that cave. He has such a loud voice...
[Bunting] : Oh... Cave... (Flies off)