Young Captain Kiddo's Dream | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables

Lyrics Young Captain Kiddo's Dream

Once a summer night, it was very hot.

'What a beautiful island this is!' young Kiddo thought.

And the young captain Kiddo anchored his pirate ship off the tropical island.

'Ho, you scum of the Seven Seas,' he ordered to his men, 'put my chest in the longboat. We all go here this ashore.'

His crew lifted the big chest into the longboat. Then they rowed ashore. Soft, golden sand crunched beneath their sea boots as they pulled the boat up on the beach.

Sea Gulls circled overhead. Four lf the strongest pirates heaved the chest onto their shoulders while the Young Captain Kiddo read his map.

'Follow me up Dinosaur's Hill, and you swab the foot signs,' he growled.

On the hilltop the captain took out his compass and reed his position. 'This is it,' he roared. 'Aye, lads, this is the place old Captain Hook marked on his map.

Now down with the chest,' The captain's right hand pushed back his greatcoat.

Two loaded pistols gleamed in the strong sun. Slowly his hand drew out a great key. He unlocked the chest and threw open the lid.

Then he reached in and brought out muffins, hot cake, buttered toast and hot flasks of tea. "Help yourselves, my hearties,' the Young Captain Kiddo sang out . 'Old Captain Hook certainly knew the best spot for a nice cup of tea.'