The Japanese Apricot Tree | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables

Lyrics The Japanese Apricot Tree and the Bush Warbler

Long ago, there lived a man named Handong who made bowls of clay and sold them.
In a few days, Handong was to marry Gopbun who lived in the neighboring village.
He was happy and smiled every day.
But, Gopbun became sick.
Handong was so surprised, he nursed Gopbun every night.
But, Gopbun died.
Handong was so sad, he cried at Gopbun's grave every day.
One day, a Japanese Apricot tree began to grow by the grave.
"This has to be Gopbun's soul.."
Handong moved the tree to his yard and took care of it every day.
The tree grew with Handong's care.
Time passed and Handong became an old man.
"Oh, who will take care of this tree when I die."
Handong worried that the tree might die if he didn't take care of it.
Summer and fall passed and winter came.
Only the branches were left.
A warm spring day came.
The villagers could not see Handong and went to his house.
But nobody was at the house.
"Look, there is a bowl here."
The people gathered and carefully opened it.
There was a pretty bush warbler in the bowl.
Handong's soul had become a bush warbler.
The bush warbler went to the Japanese Apricot tree and whistled a song.
The villagers thought that Handong still cared for the tree and they took care of the tree for him.
Even now, there are many bush warblers near Japanese Apricot trees.
Now you know why