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Lyrics The Fox and the Goat

A fox fell in a well by mistake and was trying to figure out a way to get out.
"Oh, boy, how am I going to get out of here..."
Right then, he heard a goat's cry and a goat appeared.
"Fox, what are you doing there?"
The fox thought this was his chance.
"Oh, I came down here to drink water. This is the best tasting water in the world."
The goat was interested in the what the fox had to say.
"Is that true? Can I have some of that water?"
The fox encouraged the goat.
"Fine, I'll specially let you have some. Come down here."
The goat carefully went down the well. And deliciously drank the water.
"Wow, this water is really good. But how do we get back up?"
The fox answered as if he waited for this question.
"Don't worry. I have a good idea. Put your front legs against the wall and I'll go up climbing on your back. And then I'll pull you up from the top. Okay?"
"Yeah, that will work."
The goat listened to the fox and went toward the wall.
The fox climbed on the goat's back and went out of the well.
"Fox, it's my turn now. Pull me up."
The fox looked down into the well and told the goat.
"Ha ha, you stupid fool. How can I pull you up? The water in this well is the same as normal water. Thanks for helping me out of the well. Use your brain from now on."
The fox snickered at the goat and disappeared. The goat realized what he did and cried for help.