The Mice Go on a Picnic | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables


One day, three mice went on a picnic.
[Maknae] : Oh?
[Hyungah] : Oh, that troublemaker. Maknae, don't do that again. A really scary cat lives in those woods.
[Maknae] : Oh, alright.
[Hyungah] : That looks like a nice place. Let's eat lunch over there.
[Nuya] : Eat slowly.
[Maknae] : Okay! (Eating away)
[Hyungah] : Maknae! Where are you going now?
[Maknae] : I'm going to play with the butterflies some more.
[Nuya] : Don't go too far~
[Maknae] : Okay...
[Hyungah] : Oh, that troublemaker.
[Maknae] : Huh? Where did he go? Maknae forgot about his promise with his sister and brother and followed the butterflies further away. On the other side of the woods, a hungry cat was looking for food.
[Cat] : Oh, I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten anything for several days.I can't even walk anymore.
[Maknae] : Butterflies, wait for me.
[Cat] : Huh? What a nice surprise. It's a mouse. Hee hee hee. It looks like I'll be having a nice meal. Hang on just a minute. Little mouse... Hee hee hee.
[Maknae] : They all flew away. There aren't any left. Oh... Did I come too far?
[Maknae] : I'd better get back.
[Cat] : Oh,no! Don't go away...What should I do... Hm... How can I get that mouse? That's it!
[Cat] : Hee hee hee. Hey, mouse, let's play. (Louder) Hey, mouse, let's play. Hey, mouse, let's play.
[Maknae] : What a strange butterfly. You have strange stripes, too.
[Cat] : Oh, I'm the largest of butterflies. I'm a swallowtail. Hee hee hee.
[Maknae] : Are you really a swallowtail?
[Cat] : Yes, I am.
[Maknae] : Wow. You're so big.
[Cat] : Hee hee hee. Come closer and see.
[Maknae] : Aaagh!
[Nuya] : Maknae!
[Hyungah] : Maknae!
[Nuya] : Maknae! Where did he go?
[Hyungah] : Really...
[Nuya] : Huh? Look! It's cat tracks.