The God knows | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables |


Once upon a time, very long ago, in this land Korea an old farmer was gathering water melons, but the harvest had been poor and the water melons were few.
Overhead was an oak tree on which a million billion trillion acorns were growing, hanging on every branch.
'Oh,' sighed the farmer, 'I wish I could understand why the God allows so many acorns to grow on one tree, and so few water melons to flourish on the ground.
Why don't water melons grow on this tree instead of acorns? So much more sensible.'
At that very moment a brown squirrel knocked against an acorn, which fell from the tree and hit the old farmer right in the middle of his big, bald head.
'Oh, oh!' cried the farmer, rubbing the sore spot where the acorn had hit him.
'Now I understand. The God knows better than I.
If this tree had grown big water melons instead of tiny acorns I should now have a broken head.' The old man just had a laughing.