Mujuri and Zolbogi | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables |


Mujuri was the silliest elf in the whole wood. Zolbogi the Owl was always scolding him. 'Why do you so think hard and enough,' said the Owl.
One day some boys and girls were playing with some balloons in a meadow beyond the wood. Suddenly the wind caught a big, yellow balloon and it blew away, over the trees.
That night the Mujuri was coming home very late. It was dark and he could hardly see the path. 'Oh, dear!' he sighed.
'I wonder where the moon is tonight?'
He looked up at the sky and then he saw something in the branches of a tree.
It was the yellow balloon. But Mujuri didn't know that.
'Goodness,' he cried, 'the moon's fallen out of the sky!'
Mujuri climbed up the tree and untangled the balloon string from the branches.
Then he hurried to go home.
'Zolbogi,' he cried, 'the moon's fallen out of the sky.
How can I put it back again?'
Zolbogi laughed so much he nearly fell off the branch where he was sitting.
'Look up there,' he said. The moon was just peeping out from behind the clouds.
'It was hiding all the time,' said Mujuri.
But he didn't really mind Zolbogi laughing at him, because he'd got a lovely big balloon to play with.
He thought Zolbogi has not seen the yelow big balloon.