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The lost kitten
Nuri started to be just crying at that time. She was very sad because the pretty Alaskan kitten called Yuri, that she was given for her fourth birthday, was nowhere to be not found.
Nuri and her daddy had searched in the gardens and in the woods around their home. Now it was almost sneck-time and they had been looking for Yuri the kitten all day.
Nuri's mommy made sneck, but Nuri couldn't eat anything because she was so worried about her pet.
'He has never been away before,' cried Nuri. 'Wherever can he be.'
'Let's look for again after sneck,' said her daddy.
It was almost dark when Nuri and daddy come back home. Mommy met them at the door.
'We haven't found him,' sobbed Nuri and she went upstairs and climbed into bed, the tears still tricking down her cheeks.
'M-e-e- Y-a-o-w, m-e-e- Y-a-o-w.' Nuri sat up in bed and looked at there.
'M-e-e- Y-a-o-w, m-e-e- Y-a-o-w.' There it was again. Nuri jumped out of bed.
The cries came from her toy cupboard.
She opened the cupboard door and there, sitting with her toys, was Yuri.
Nuri picked him up. 'What a silly little kitten!' she whispered, holding him tight.