Muffin Stories : The safety-pin's adventure | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables


What figure does the safety-pin have?
Of course, you know very well.
Miss Tiny thought her voice was quite superb, so she planned to sing at her birthday party in her best dress. In her excitement she took her boots out, then in the hem it is wrong, and mended it with a safety-pin.
In safety-pin's special rolled those look much like ordinary ones, but Miss Tiny had no idea this was a magic event for the safety-pin.
When she sang everyone yawned and had many wrong notes, the safety-pin popped open, so startled Miss Tiny and stopped her singing! And She came in to put those away. Neil her nephew was a lazy boy and he found the safety-pin.
May it was a happening? He put the safety-pin through his pants in place between his two legs. But at school it popped open and showed his two legs to the class. How everyone laughed when he tried to get up!
The cleaner woman took it and threw it in the dustbin.
There was a passing magpie, who flew off with it.
Magpie dropped it on a wheat field.
So the safety-pin is having a rest from adventuring. Now he is holding together a scarecrow's coat in the wheat field.
The farmer put the safety-pin through the scarecrow's torn coat.
However it was so, anyone knows whether it is the ending of the safety-pin's adventure.