The Kindhearted Brothers | Children's Tales, Stories and Tales


There lived some kindhearted brothers in a beautiful country village.
The brothers helped each other and worked hard.
In the fall, they harvested much crop.
The brothers divided the crop equally.
That night, the older brother went home and thought.
'Brother has gotten married. He will need more. I should give him some more sheaves of rice.'
The older brother went out at night and put some more sheaves of rice on the younger brother's heap.
But the younger brother thought the same thing.
'Brother has a large family and he will need more food than I do."
The younger brother placed some more sheaves of rice on the older brother's heap.
The next morning, the two brothers were both surprised that their heaps were the same.
'What happened? I definitely put some more on brother's heap.'
The two bothers both thought it strange, but they could not say anything.
It was because if either one found out, he would not take more from the other.
At night, the two brothers did the same thing again.
But the next morning, their heaps remained the same.
I'd better go early today and count my sheaves.
The older brother thought this and headed for the younger brother's home the next evening.
In the moonlight, he could see someone coming with a pile of sheaves.
When he came closer, the older brother realized it was his younger brother.
The younger brother also realized it was his older brother.
The two brothers who wanted to share what they had smiled under the moonlight.