The Crow that Wanted to be a King | Children's Fables Stories and Tales


God came to the woods one day and gathered all the birds.
[God]: "Tomorrow, I will make the most beautiful bird the king of birds."
All the birds that heard this started to make themselves look good.
They went to the river, cleaned up and combed their feathers. They were busy.
However, the crow just looked at them and sighed.
[Crow]: "That must be nice. I can't be king with these ugly black feathers."
At that moment, the crow had a great idea.
[Crow]: "Right, that's what I should do."
The crow smiled and flew off.
The next day, god came to pick the king of birds.
Each bird showed off in front of god to become the king.
At that moment, a bird with all sorts of feathers appeared at a distance.
God and all the other birds were amazed at the bird's beauty.
[God]: "Oh, you are the most beautiful. I will make you the king of birds."
The bird was so happy to hear that, he began to sing.
But what was that sound? Oh! It was the crow. He had gone and gotten a feather of each bird.
The birds began to mumble.
One said.
[Bird 1]: "That looks like my feather." "It is my feather."
The birds all rushed to the crow and took their feathers.
The beautiful crow returned to its original black look.
God and the other birds were very angry at the crow and the crow flew away out of embarrassment.
Who became the king? Well, the crow certainly couldn't become king because he cheated the others.