Lady Carp | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables


A fisherman living alone by a river caught a big carp.
'Probably I'll be punished if I kill this big carp.'
On returning home, he put the carp in a jar to keep her.
One day when he returned home from work, he was surprised to see a meal already prepared on the table.
'Wow!!! Who prepared this meal in this house where I live alone?'
Next day the fisherman pretended to go to work but hid himself to carefully watch inside his house.
After a while the carp turned into a lady and got out of the jar.
She went into the kitchen and cooked food.
And after preparing a meal, she came back to go into the jar.
"Lady! Lady Carp!"
When the fisherman called her, the lady carp was surprised and said,
"I'm the daughter of the King of the Sea.
One day I came up to the river to see the human world, and you caught me there.
I'm really grateful to you for sparing me."
I live alone now.
I request you to marry me, please."
"But there is a precondition.
Never see me having a bath for one year.
"I see. I promise I won't."
The fisherman began to live with the lady carp.
But one day when it was almost a year since then,
he made the mistake of peeping at her having a bath.
Suddenly she turned into the carp again and floundered.
"If you had kept your promise for one year,
I would have become a life-long human lady as your wife.."
At last the fisherman shed tears and let the carp go into the river.