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Fart Contest
Once upon a time there was a tremendous farting man.
After hearing the rumor that there was a tremendous farting woman in the village on the opposite side, he went to her house.
"Hello! Is there anybody in?"
said the farting man gently.
A few minutes later,
a little girl stuck her face out of the twig gate.
"My mother is not in. She's working in the field."
After sating so, she went into the kitchen.
"Huh! She's rude. I'll teach her a lesson..."
The farting man followed the little girl into the kitchen and fared at her.
His fart was so powerful that it drove the little girl into a fire hole and out of the chimney.
At that moment, the farting woman came and saw it.
"Why, what happened?"
She asked her sobbing daughter, who told her all about what had happened.
"What? Huh, he's a bad ma! He will pay for this."
The angry farting woman farted at the farting man.
Her fart caused the mortar which was beside her to fly fast and fall in front of the man.
Also being angry, he farted and as a result, the mortar flew and fell in front of the woman.
As they continued the tit-for-tat fighting by repeatedly farting at each other, the mortar also flew back and forth between them.
It was not long before they got almost exhausted, so they farted as hard as they could at each other for the last time after deciding it was their last chance.
What a surprise! After they farted at the same time, the mortar flew hige in the sky after spinning in the middle for a while.
It flew higher and higher, far and far until it got stuck in the moon.
The mortar took root in the ground of the moon and grew to be a cinnamon tree.