The Red Fan and the Blue Fan | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables


A long time ago, a charcoal merchant made a request to a god.
"Please make me rich."
Then a red fan and a blue fan dropped in front of him.
When he waved the red fan toward himself, his nose began to get longer.
"Oh, it's a magic fan!"
When he waved the blue fan toward himself, his nose began to get shorter.
Holding the red and blue fans, the charcoal merchant went to a rich old man's birthday party.
Sir, are you hot? I'll cool you with this red fan.
Oops! My nose is getting longer!
Maybe I got a big disease.
I'll cure your nose disease.
Would you pay me much money then?
If you cure my disease, I'll pay you as mush money as you want.
The charcoal merchant made the old man's nose return to its normal size using his blue fan.
So he received a lot of money from the old man.
Ha ha ha! I'll make a lot of money this way.
The charcoal merchant became very rich after all.
One day he waved his red fan toward his nose out of curiosity.
I wonder how long I can make my nose with this fan.
I'll test it.
His nose grew longer and longer until it reached the heaven.
The heavenly king of the gods was surprised to see it.
What a strange thing!
Tie the long nose to a pillar.
On the orders of the heavenly king, some heavenly soldiers tied the nose to a piller.
Then the charcoal merchant waved his blue fan to avoid trouble.
But his nose was tied to a pillar.
So the charcoal merchant was forced by his nose to go up higher and higher to the heaven.
"My soldiers, untie the nose from the pillar."
After the heavenly king gave an order, the charcoal merchant immediately fell from the heaven.
The charcoal merchant had an opportunity to become rich after getting the marvelous magic fans. But instead of using them through good things, he used them wickedly, and at last he was punished. Those who become rich by using wicked means and even greedy are certain to be punished.